Here at Blue Diamond Security Solutions we can provide Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance services whether it is one person following an errant spouse, or investigating injury insurance fraud to a full team investigating corporate fraud or the theft of intellectual property.

Counter-Surveillance teams are highly specialised and can follow the follower and ensure you are not under surveillance. We can supply, at short notice, covert teams deploying on foot, in cars and vans, on motorcycles and scooters or we even use a black cab when in London. Blue Diamond Surveillance Operators have extensive experience in the field of covert surveillance and can operate in a static or mobile role in both rural and urban locations.

If required, any vehicles being followed can be fitted with covert GPS trackers enabling teams and our control centre to monitor movements and locations in real time. All surveillance team members can also be issued with live GPS trackers so that their position and movements can be monitored relative to the target.

All teams produce written and photographic/video reports that can if required, be used as evidence in a UK court. Tracking logs are also produced with tracking intervals set from 5 seconds to 30 minutes, for some jobs a tracking boundary can be set alarming when a vehicle leaves a certain area, this enables teams to stand off from home locations and pick up the traced vehicle some distance away.

If you think you might need our surveillance assets, please get in touch using the information on our contact page and one of our Account Managers will contact you shortly.