About Us

**Welcome to Blue Diamond Security: Your Trusted Partner for Comprehensive Security Solutions**

Welcome to Blue Diamond Security, your trusted partner for all your security requirements. We are dedicated to providing you with tailored security solutions, including Personal Security, VIP protection, and Executive Protection services. Our team of experienced professionals, including highly-trained celebrity bodyguards and Close Protection Officers, is committed to ensuring your safety at all times.

**Comprehensive Protective Services**

At Blue Diamond Security, we offer a comprehensive range of protective services to meet your unique security needs. Whether you require residential security for your private residence or close protection services for political figures, diplomats, or members of parliament, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results. Our teams are well-versed in handling high-profile security situations and have the necessary experience to provide you with the utmost protection.

**Proven Track Record of Excellence**

With over 50 years of combined commercial and military security experience, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Our services extend beyond traditional security measures. We specialize in safeguarding artists in music studios and providing comprehensive security solutions for prestigious events like London Fashion Week. Our close protection specialists, including personal protection officers and private security professionals, are prepared to travel to any location, ensuring your safety wherever you need us.

**Building Long-Term Relationships**

Building long-term relationships with our clients is our top priority. We take pride in our extensive list of achievements, which includes providing personal protection for celebrities, royalty, and government personnel. Our close protection teams have successfully escorted high-value goods across Europe, exemplifying our commitment to excellence. We have also supplied large security teams for renowned award ceremonies such as the Elle Style Awards and the British Comedy Awards.

**Choose Blue Diamond Security**

Blue Diamond Security is excited to expand our business and extend our exceptional services to new clients. When you choose us, you can trust that you will receive nothing less than a top-notch security service that is second to none. We are dedicated to providing the utmost professionalism and expertise for all your personal, VIP, and executive protection requirements. Welcome to Blue Diamond Security, your trusted partner in security.